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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- I have never seen aikido in real action anywhere, and 0 video found. But rest of the videos are demonstration of aikido moves :) cut the bull shit, show is in real life action.
- hi
- What about real fighting? I'm full of this "too deadly for fighting" shit.
- Wait...Where is the "combat"???  It's totally missing here.  This should be called, "World Play Acting Idiot Games".
- so its like a less gay ballet?
- Steve Seagal is more famous than Tissier but they are both  wow! 
- They should use real sharp wakazashi - 
- Steven Seagal does do Aikido in the movies! If you can't see the moves Mr commentator from down under I suggest you take a few lessons! 
- It all started at about age 10 when I was in wrestling. Since then I have takin a small bit of instruction of Shorin Ryu Karate when I was 17, a small bit of Kung Fu from Rick Pickens at about 20-21 and then some Combatives that were BJJ  based at Ft. Benning. I'm now 38. I've been in a couple of bar fights and more than once have had to fight multiple attackers. I know, it's the internet and everyone is a badass. I get it.
Never the less, I must say it. Because it is true. I was always told there is always someone more bad ass than you. And I believe it. Especially throwing weight/size pairing out of the equation. 

I grew up watching Chuck Norris, Van Damm, Jeff Speakman, Steven Seagal, and Jackie Chan and Jet li (etc). It was always Seagal's style that I was in awe of. I had learned a little bit of kicking, punching, wrestling, but was fascinated by Aikido. 

Last night I finally took my first Daito Aiki Budo lineage class. The exact style I will not submit at this time here. I admit, growing up  made me wiser (I'd like to think) and definitely skeptical. So I spent many hours googleing names and styles and found many people saying these style were not effective for the street/mma. I kind of started believing some of them. 

However, after personally watching some things, and one of the lower Dan Sensai's demonstrating for me (and ON me) certain maneuvers, I can honestly say that I feel this will be a valuable addition to my ability (or lack of). 
The locks that I personally experienced, WORK. You will see people saying "let go" or "move your foot" or do this, do that... and, it's not so easy when you feel like you are about to fall/thrown down missing an arm, or hand. Your first natural reflex to to protect the area that is receiving the pain or to keep a hold of the only thing that your mind "thinks" it needs to hang on to for balance. Which does not matter. At this stage your opponent controls your maneuver/balance. I feel against these type of styles the approach of not closing/grabbing would be wise. Much like when BJJ first came upon UFC. Before BJJ was learned by others, the approach was usually to NOT close with the BJJ and attempt to land strikes to gain advantage. 

disclaimer My statements are not meant to cover EVERY style or technique/maneuver in these relative styles.. I am only testifying to my personal experience. I hope that the detractors of these styles are able to honestly say they too are speaking from some relative fighting experience and not plain old internet trollery.
- so awkward…

let Japanese do it
- want to practice a martial art that it has a controlled violence? try boxing or use a glove to protect your body from violent impact yet the force and impact is there giving you the reality of a violent physical attack. do not use body or head armor even groin and shin protector  so that you will have the same worry and nervousness that you will get really hurt. This simulates reality on the ground and your physiological reaction will be almost the same as the situation in a real physical confrontation.
- what aload of fucking shit ....never hapen in i real situation .....
- Thank you for the slow motion video, it greatly helps to see what movements and hand thrusts are being used which are not apparent at normal slow speeds.  This is the best demonstration video that I've seen!
- The techniques of this art appear to be invaluable for self-protection and the disabling of an attacker. I would not like to have my joints twisted opposite to their natural movement plane, nor would I like to have my hands and forearms twisted to have the bones grating against each other.  I can see why the opponents give up immediately by slapping the floor.  The pain must be unbearable even for an instant.  I recognize that if these demonstrations are not done slowly and with a lot of self control, a great amount of unintended physical damage would be inflicted to the opponent.  I am too old and sick, but would like to learn these techniques for self protection.  Too many criminals like to attack older people, who cannot defend themselves.
- Nothing Beats a Black Belt Master of Aikido and Taekwondo together, NOTHING!!!!!!!!!
- Steven seagal is the best
- The 7th dan looked no more impressive than any of the others. The commentator is an annoying arrogant know it all
- The commentator is very ill informed when it comes to talking about the grading structure. He is very wrong.
- So all I you who keep saying that its weak, I hope you try fighting one o us highly skilled peace makers and lose because you will lose
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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