Dyskusja o This is what a REAL KRAV MAGA MASTER looks like!

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- you may kill every one israeli racist but when arrive to hamas you do a shit , you are affraid from hamas fuckers, and last year when did you kill them by your pilot, they kill you in the field and you died like a bitch.
- My favorite part is that it isn't real
- jew fighting style involves sending usa troops to do the job lol that krav maga lol
- This instructor was killed 1000 time with this knife in his whole life.
- No matter how i look at it, this look stupid as fuck.
- I don't buy this is how real krav maga looks like. It's too theatrical.
- jewish fighting lol
- These fucking Jews need to get back in an oven
- Many grips are made unnecessarily force. Many grips were uncovered and the opponent would win !!
- Krap Maga is bullshit LOL!
- Karate is the Dane Cook of Martial Arts.
- pfffff i get beat ths guy in one go.
- Kids stuff
- Krav Maga is a disrespectful fighting form. It is effective don't get me wrong but you don't attack someone on the ground. I see why the Israelis need it surrounded by enemies, but America doesn't need this merciless fighting style. I don't trust anyone who uses this style. They are deadly and need to be able to control themselves.
- Looks like JKD if you ask me.
- I think I saw him kicking this shit outta a guy in a dress at one point...
- Although the medieval behaviour of todays Israeli politics sucks, I've got to admit it's a nice self defense system. Kind of like Wing Tsun but more about force instead of dodging.
- If you expect people to be quick and fit as you are then yes but how those people who are not
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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