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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Wax on fuck off HAHA
- remember watching this when i was 10 thinking good film, but daniel la russo or what ever his name was is shit at  fighting - martial arts don't even come into it
- Another cheesy, cheap, rock song in the soundtrack in 80's movies...
- I felt so cool today. I was taking a shit and i caught a fly with my bare hand. thought of this movie instantly
- Cobra Chubs got dealt a real one at 1:36....looked mighty painful....lol!
- This song was originally written for one of the "Rocky" movies, but they used "Eye of the Tiger" instead...
- I know from the book that 3 points wins but what does one have to do to score points in a Karate Tournament??
- 2:44 - 3:08....KING OF SWAG
- Searching for the greatest song ever made? You just found it.
- Hé kick me in the tummy i went to. The docter 
- I remember watching this in theater. When did I become old? If you want to see what Ralph looks like now, check out Wax on/f*ck off on funny or die.
- Only whats this because 'How I Met Your Mother'.
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBktYJsJq-E
- I honor this film and dismantle its remake in the comprehensive in-depth analysis video on my channel. It's worth looking at, trust me.
- Your the best around!!!

The Karate Kid Montage - You're the Best: http://youtu.be/iBktYJsJq-E
- I used to love this film when I was a kid. But in reality Daniel couldn't knock ash off a fag.
- Johnny's triple kick at :56 amazed me so much when I saw this movie at the age of 10 and my adrenaline was flowing so hard that I turned to my mom after the movie and said "Someday I'm going to be a black belt"  I achieved my goal.  I'm a second degree and I teach the children's program.  I cannot imagine my life without martial arts in it and wonder what would have became of me if I had not seen this movie. The updated movie with Jaden Smith is no comparison.
- Więcej ciekawych

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