Dyskusja o The Karate Kid - Ice Breaking Scene

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Seeing this scene I cant help but ask myself if Pat Morita (mr Miyagi) had some say in the dialogue here, seeing as he was a comedian and this is some pretty funny deadpan material.
- Nice hat dickweed 4:08 you look like a 3 year old in the 1940's
- I guess for Chozen being a thug is natural as breathing.
- chuck norris did this once, but his odds was so high he had to pay everyone else.
- I bet the Cobra Kai would have backed Danille and kicked that chinks ass
- You only get one shot at stuff like this, crunch comes to the crunch...
- Sato turning good at the end's not believable to me. Daniel could've died because of him. Not just that punk nephew of his.
- Mr Miyagi actually broke the ice with his mind. don't tell daniel
- Isn't that Sundown from TOP GUN? Mav's temporary back seater?
- I love how Mr. Miyagi speaks broken English using only those words that have to be spoken to get the point across.

Here, when he shows up and asks "What odds"?

Not "what are the odds", but "what odds". I love that about his character.
- lol I remember I was a kid and @ 1:15 I thought there's Johnny Lawrence right there..

- I love how Miyagi gives him back his plane ticket fare back. I wonder how much the flight was though. Right now, beginning of summer average cost of a 1 week Okinawa flight from California is 2000-2500 dollars, and this exactly 30 years ago time line - wise in the film.
- absolute classic
- The original Karate Kid is a classic. But the Karate Kid part 2 is a fucking masterpiece!!!
- Fuckin classic. Fucking love miyagi.
- 3:15 song?
- Is that the dude from reading rainbow? XD
- "Miyagi fix everything"
- That meditative Karate Kid music is what I always hear right before I succed at something, actually

I'm that kind of fella
- Więcej ciekawych trykacz.pl

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