Dyskusja o Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century 2013 *Official*

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- 2"03 Hahahahahahahahah 0 brain cops hahahaha
- Nice bikes
- your a pussy 
- Yep fuck ever idiot who that participated in this. I'm a rider myself, but because of you people like this, I already have a bad reputation. No sympathy for bikers who die or get injured doing this. In fact, I encourage it. 
- Soon there will be vendors at these "starts." Next the police will start shutting down the road and making money off it.
- xxxxstick needs more tattoos. sxxx.
- It all. About that. 4-Stroke. Honda crf 450
- so fucking sick
- I GIGGLED SO HARD ON 2:47 Middle finger at helicopter! XDDDD
- tops!
- ต่ำกว่า20ห้ามกดดูห้ามทำตาม
- it looks like so much fun
- This is awesome and I love it, but if there's an emergency regarding a family member or something like that, and I need to get through the light, I'm taking everyone out. Everyone's getting ran the fuck over. There's no need to fuck up people's lives to do stunts in the middle of an intersection.
- How come on some street bikes there are 2 levers on one side? is it a back brake for when they take their feet off the pegs?
- Like a boss ! ;)
- can anyone tell me which video it was, where the music a remix by california dreaming is ?
- Look at the fat cop in the beginning!On the left, not the woman she 's a pig!
- As always ride safe guyz :)
- Song at 2:45?
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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