Dyskusja o Street Fighterz C and I 5

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Wath's The Name Of The First Song?
- I'm attempting a stand up backflip to wheelie this weekend
- ride of the century 2011, Epic vid with lots of stuntin!!!!!!!!!!! by Blokstarproductions!!!!! so sick!!!! check it and Shred on!!!
- modern day zero-sick inside, check rotc 2011 another great vid with that song in it, with this crew and much more
- Recession is hitting people hard in the USA if homies cant even afford a wheel hahah
- Niiiiice
- Da only cats hatin r the 1z who aint gt da nuts to evn try HALF of dis stuff
- Sweet unicycle at 2:15
- whats the song at 2 :40 ?
- I didnt know it was so cool to go down in shorts and tennies.......now i know
- @gurustunts screw that hater. C and I 5 is badass. you guys inspire me to ride better
- @smerk how about you stop hatin and make your own video
- who does the song?
- 4:55 awesome!!!
- @ 1:50 & 6:30
- @smerk this was a trailer for our dvd.... intro was same in dvd.... sorry to not please you for free on youtube
- 4:58 "WOW" my fav part!!
- yeah..:)
- yep that would be ole Steve Jones...
- @aquelarre075 Sell scooter and buy a 600cc bike!
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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