Dyskusja o Stop-Motion Karate

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- That plot twist at the end XD
- How have I not seen this? I don't even remember this being in my sub feed.
- So amazing
- Man that ending killed me lol
- that's awesome man...
- Love this video
- That ending reaction and sfx made me laugh.
- So blue belts can make x-ray? Or only red and higher?
- Shok ending
- This is awsome :D
- For you to learn Dragonball Evolution
- MK11 is looking great so far.
- 1001
- Destiny video pleasee
- J'ai déjà bien aimé la vidéo stop-motion parkour que j'avais trop marrante donc j'ai été vraiment content de voir une deuxième vidéo utilisant le même procédé
- Why does the guy have to impress the girl?? I know this is very random, but it bugs me a lot. Like, I never see a girl asking a guy out, the guy always has to buy her a drink, pay for everything and fear getting rejected over asking her out??? RANT
- Nice edting
- This is absolutely brilliant, I wonder how long it took them to film it? Great work. 
- how can we create a portal video I can create a portal but it not working how can I transport a object
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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