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- In the beginning I liked to see how Steven Seagal uses the movies to promote AIKIDO and show it to the world in the pure way of it's philosophy.
It is a self-defense Martial Art that like JUDO the one I practice result in an expression of Peaceful behavior. Even if one can kill in a extreme situation.
Unfortunately Seagal changed and started selling his Soul to the god Money and the result was the worst movies I have seen. In fact he is not the only one. There are more. 
Showing what Martial Arts SHOULD NOT BE and destroying the Peaceful Philosophy behind most of the ancient Martial Arts.

PEACE and Enlightenment for all
- Lots of ignorant comments. Studied aikido for years. And was good at randori. Secret is not that people are good acrobats helping Seagal look good. Secret is they are giving a lot of energy (momentum) in their attacks. Randori works well on the street where people aren't trained and have often had too much to drink. Where aikido is weak is in MMA, where there are compact attacks with no overextension. Also on when it goes to the ground, wresting (greco-roman not WWF) will serve you better than aikido. MMA is dominated by jujitsu due to its short attacks, ground work and submissions. 

One-on-one Seagal would win virtually every bar fight he was ever in and no MMA fights. He would dominate many karate forms if he was in his prime. But remember what the Gracies did? Took all comers and dominated. Ukemi of his students is world class, but no one gives these kinds of committal attacks in MMA. Still not bad for a "soft" martial art.
- Im just wondering... why is it when regular students are doing randori they all get swarmed and one can unquestionably see a totally different body language and attack compared to when they go at sensei?  I understand some of it is respect but it is clear to anyone with an unbiased view that when a student is doing randori, the attackers attack all a once and go for the legs and arms to restrain and tackle the person. When sensei is doing randori, they are all coming one at a time and their body language is totally different...It is almost as if they already resigned to what is to happen to them instead of attacking like one would in a real fight...
- you ppl got it wrong Hapkido its about to protect yourself from knife guns etc it teach you how can neutralize your enemy fast with amazing moves 
- Anybody knows in what year was it recorded?
- So Aikido training is basically "I touch you and you fall down, OK?"
- you the best steven seagal
- Has Seagal ever actually fought anybody for real?
- Those guys aren't doing flips to avoid breaking their arm they're doing it to make segal look good. Just look with your eyes at what he's doing, he's not putting any of his weight behind those throws. All he is doing is grabbing the wrist of the student and yanking doing a circle. Unless you're fighting someone who weighs nothing that "technique" won't do a thing.
- If I ever met Steven seagal on the streets and offered to teach me aikido I would say hell no then laugh my ass off 
- https://youtu.be/fH6HtkySiCQ
- All i gotta say is....Show up and be shown.Instead of criticizing at a keyboard,enter a Tenshin Dojo and see for yourself.Just be ready for hard knocks,be ready to take a fall or you will fall on your neck,be ready for serious pain....Anybody who's tasted Tenshin Aikido walks away with a changed mind.
- 1:22 the guy on the left just killed him.
- A warrior is one who considers himself to be already dead in the service if something or someone.  These bozos who's greatest love is themselves are an obscenity in the context of martial arts.  I have found that most martial arts students are motivated to study by their fear of others. Bad foundation to start with.  Seagals history (story) is so shaky that his fears pile up to the ceiling . His biggest one is probably EXPOSURE. People need to start requiring substance.  Their are real teachers and they don't advertize.  Their is one at 8000 ft in northern New Mexico. I dare you.
- Steven Seagal hasn't done shit to anyone. The whole thing looks about as real as the WWE.
- his attackers are always half his size and also his attackers are pretty good at acrobatics
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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