Dyskusja o Old School Makiwara and Tameshiwari Karate Training

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- I don't see any red marks or bruises ? so this makes me curious if the wood is pre cut to break? if I go to the Lumber Yard and get some 4-5 foot 2x2 and someone smahses them into my ribs will I have broken ribs?
- It all looks hardcore and cool but when do you need a fist that is rock hard ? maybe never ! so all of the hard training and pain is a waiste of time. You dont have to practice karate or taekwondo to knock someone out with one punch, it is not that hard. But i respect the art and the people who do it, just because they can and just because they want to see what the human body can do.
- Old school indeed. 
- Great effort leads to everything you want.
- He will move that train one day soon 
- What is the name of the practitioner in this video????
- so fake. look at how perfectly that board was cut
- une planche ne rend pas les coups...o,)
- And training like this will hurt ur body, maybe u didnt realize in the first time, but when u get old it will become more and more obvious
- street fighter edition train.
- I wonder if any of those exercises cause arthritis if done enough
- I have the video. I really enjoyed it. 
- Bruce Lee's mention of "Boards don't hit back" has a philosophical meaning. It means you don't have to show off your strength to something that doesn't fight back. People, however, who say "boards don't hit back" are just using this statement as an excuse because they cannot, or are afraid to try breaking boards. Boards do hit back you know, if you fail to break it, your force will recoil and hurt your hitting arm or leg.
- Hero MOTAN
- para  conhecimento
- Yes boards dont hit back but he does...
- Boards don't hit back... Wohay!!! :))))))
- No words needed.....:)
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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