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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- fuck you petty this style vs that style, where's the fighting
- actually I dont kow much about kung fu, but i believe the kung fu man is pretty good, but the Karate guy I tell you: it was  painful watching him delivering his yokogeri or tsukis. The Karate representative has beginners Level in the techniques he showed. still the Video is good and the core message I agree with: no style is supiror to another....
- Well, the good part of this performance is that it is not a confrontation to prove what is the best.
- this is not real karate.This is karate boxing form. karate has a lot of block,throw,submission technique.And real karate is "original" kungfu. I think research Okinawa Karate. And Karate means not empty hand karate mean is Chinese Hand.Finally , I want ask you Everyone and every Traditional practicioner while study in only one style and study style for years.How you bellieve you effective all styles and how you believe everyone learn all styles and everyone effective in few seconds ? and karate dont start first attack karate only block and strike,throw,submission etc. karate is self defense (traditional karate) I dont talking about sportive and degenerate karate
- his yoko geri form is poor
- Awesome video.
- Bad karateka. Bad. 
- Kung fu is Japanese karate is Chinese lol Xd
- karate is at its most , when the best user uses it , and this isnt fair at all , u use tiger's technique or whatever u call that.... and u ask the other to use front kick and straight punch ??!! lol ,
- rocky marciano > these two faggots. both at once
- I have followed your videos for quite some time and I enjoy them.  This one is of particular interest as I have 30 years experience with Okinawan/Japanese karate.  I even took the time to watch some of your partner's videos and they are cool also. I have enjoyed watching this video because I have a part time student who regularly works out at Shaolin Kungfu of Asheville, NC.  In comparing notes we have had many sessions like this one.  My only suggestion would be that your partner needs to improve his understanding of proper execution of his techniques.  Excellent tricking!!!
- Karate is an art not to be made a stunt game.... 
- Karate is an art not to be made a stunt game.... 
- Martial art is a hidden weapon cultivated inside of artist for self protection not to be treated as a sports game otherwise ..... Please preserve the real spirit of martial art. 
- Martial art is a hidden weapon cultivated inside of artist for self protection not to be treated as a sports game otherwise ..... Please preserve the real spirit of martial art. 
- ^^
- I never understand these videos. While it is a well made video do not get me wrong, the objective of the title just seems to leave me wondering everyday - as the content never really gives a decent answer. While comparing 2 entire martial arts step by step is impossible, it just strikes me as odd how watching the kung fu replies to the karate moves, they actually have strong similarities to Karate moves themselves - certainly the style I was taught which was based on shotokan. The "cobra" strike simply appears to be Junzuki no tsukkomi just performed with a claw. The actual practices here resemble kihon uke...what I am getting at is none of the kung fu replies seem to be any different to what a karate trained person could deploy. It would have been much better to compare 3 attacks to 3 attacks to show how the different styles tend to approach a fight to show the difference in style and maybe conclude with style vs style in attack/defence. Was interesting video however so well done, however that karate guys execution of moves was very sloppy - a front kick is performed with the ball of your foot yet every one he performed on you his foot was flat in anticipation of hitting the hand he was aiming at,
- Jake' I love watching your technical tactics
- hola.. el hombre de polera negra tiene una muy mala ejecucion de la tecnica. yo dudaria que el fuera kyokushin.. sus guardia es muy baja y el yoko geri parece mas un ushiro geri. ademas ese golpe de puño no es largo el kyokushin pelea de cerca..... si esto fuera realmente el kunfu seria superior... pero dime tu lo has aplicado en una pelea... lo dudo..
- My style of karate (goju ryu) comes from the white crane style, movements are very similar and also there is a kata with the same name: Sanchin.
Karate is more chinese of what people think, if you know the story of Okinawa you know everything about the origin of Karate.
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