Dyskusja o KRAV MAGA TRAINING • That's why the Distance is important

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- You suck you don't teach real Krav maga I'm 12 and I'm better than these guys

- what is the music name at 2.05 ?
- notice how these "tough guys" rely so heavily on sucker punches and surprises. Always stay sharp and always suspect.
- miks miks!!!!
- Thank you.....I didn't know there was a fighting method this good. And will practice from all videos. And being from the promised land even better. And since I am a quarter Jew myself from my grandfather, Im 67yo and will practice this style till I die or live forever. Thank you ever so much Shalom 2 YOU!!!
- That guy at 1:32  if that doesnt make you sick pissed off, idk what would
- This video has a lot of good points but I must say the first tip about not allowing the aggressor into your personal sphere is fine for a well trained fighter who has the reaction speed to use that distance for counter attacks but its often not enough room for the average person. For someone less trained keeping a slightly longer buffer distance is safer. The men in this video are the same size so that distance is equally advantageous for both, in real life the taller opponent can almost always close the distance easier. However tall the attacker is try to maintain that amount of space as the distance they are away from you. Often people, men especially, feel maintaining such a large space looks like they are scared or are running from a fight but in reality it is about improving your odds of self preservation. Stay up folks, train smart, fight hard.
- You know, the more of these I watch, the more I realize that MA's like this are the assholes we need protection from.  
So do any of you rocket scientists know how to win a fight without sucker punching or better yet avoid a fight altogether by making yourself a hard target? 
This shit is just truly pathetic.
- BEST MOVE EVER      kik him in teh shin and run
- el tipo del minuto 1:32 no sabe ni què fuè lo que le pasò jajaj mantener distancia, recuerden... jijiji
- I win fights by trying to reason with the person and then running away. JK, i've never been in a fight and never plan to. 
- he just grabbed the peep lol 1:09
- i have never been good in a fighting but i always win when i show my gun .
- i like krav
- Keep your distance and keep your hands up is the best advice I can tell you guys. Even at close range they can easily head-butted you.
- Bruce Lee knows this first
- very good points here.  
- 00:45 is what you came for
- my favorite part is when someone sucker punches the other and believes they won the fight hands down.  lol.  fucking animals with no intelligence.  at least your girls run around naked. 
- Więcej ciekawych

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