Dyskusja o Karate Male Team Kata Final - Japan vs. Italy - WKF World Championships Belgrade 2010 (2/2)

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Karate has become some silly ass dancing
- Eggs
- Fucking dancers.
- Karate's Male Team Kata Final - Japan vs. Italy - W…: https://youtu.be/_pwdixReIZ4
- Karate Male Team Kata Final - Japan vs. Italy - W…: http://youtu.be/_pwdixReIZ4
- the Okinawans came from a Chinese province karate was based originally on kung fu
white crane kung fu white crane karate goju ryu etc there are many great examples I just look at modern kung fu and karate as  soft and hard styles
- You can tell which type of sport has the most douchebags. Pretty much every single video of a martial art trying to share their traditions with the world, has a bunch of assholes preaching mma or boxing's superiority. (Not to be racist or anything, but how typical of a white man and his sport trying to suppress, judge and belittle other cultures and their styles). Whenever I watch these videos I look foreword to people discussing the styles and sharing ideas, but I rarely ever want to check the comments because I know with almost definite certainty that these comments will be spamming the comment section "this is useless, this style will NEVER work out in the streets, everyone who does a traditional martial art should join mma/boxing, any boxer/mma can easily bash any one who does this martial art ect." I mean seriously u never see someone else from these martial arts to boast about their styles so why is it always the mma fighters and boxers?

(That comment above about white ppl, no offence intended, just callin it how I see it)

- I'm cheering for Japan because they created karate!!!! :-D
- Karate is da best. Subscribe Fredrick Matiku you tube channel for more best and hit African and European music
- Ähm wtf is this??! It's more like syncron swimming then karate :/
- Chinto!!
- karate is about pink faggots, karate is about racicsm. this is niggarate
- CALL ME NOW MERLE UNRUH!!!! 3-24-15 please someone comment on this comment for me
- All these ignorant comments not realizing how hard this is ugh.
- This competition focuses on the art of Karate, not a knock-out game. If they want to practice how to fight someone, I'm sure they'll be training towards it.  Right now, it's all about the art form of this martial arts. 

Anyways, there was a great UFC fighter that practiced Karate and kicked ass. His name was Chuck Liddell. He knew the weakness of a black belt jujitsu practitioner - the sprawl.
- 02:08 Blah-ha-ha-ha!!!!
- yeah!!! ur right kpop lover
- Więcej ciekawych

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