Dyskusja o Ip Man Final Fight Kung Fu vs Karate ita HD

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- stupid people don't really know about real kongfu,who thinking is a jok you can come watch what is the real fucking kongfu!kill you like 5 second.
- Some people said something that was about  the protagonist could win the match cause this film is from China.  Actually, this film is made by a real story but it is a bit different from the original story.  In the original story the Fung Fu master won a strong Japanese soldier but the master had not beaten that Japanese guy wounded,  so you know this is just a movie and don't take it so serious.  However, there are some differences between Kung Fu and Karate, they are Asian martial arts.
- kung fu is a joke lol karate all the way
- +Linus & Father come si chiama il film?
- Karate ist um 5000% besser. In filmen wird kung fu als total mächtig ausgegeben obwohl das nicht stimmt. Lächerlich
- chinese movie, the idol and the good one must be chinese, even karate may do better in real life/street fighting style ...oosshh
- Its not the martial art its the person. I love karate but i wanna learn kung fu sooo.
- Karate sucks! Kung fu is the best
- If anybody is smart here then they would know karate is a mixture of chinese kung fu but this a great display also Okinawains had close ties in China and mainland Japan where the ones that tried to take ocer
- Bruce Lee is his student
- 3:45 "Tea-pots! Tea-pots! Tea-pots!"
- Ip man was trained by Steven Seagal back when Steven first invented the front kick
- siempre karate va aganr pura trampa
- mestre do meu mestre de todos bruce lee esse filme e baseado em uma historia real
- nao meche com o ip man 
- kung fu !
- This movie is based on a real story Bruce lee was ip man student 
- Kung Fu only works in movies.
- Kung fu is the Best
- Więcej ciekawych

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