Dyskusja o HONG10 vs BLOND(w) | Round16-3 | World B-Boy Fighterz 2012 @Gangnam

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- That screen sucks, whis idea was that. 
- Hong 10 got much more tricks and signature moves did not throw out, effect he won twice world champion. I admit blond got some crazy move too. Somehow hong 10 mostly moves are difficulty.
- Blond won, easily
- For all those who think Hong10 is more senior than blond... think again.  Blond is 2 years older than Hong.  Hes been in the bboy game for over 15 years.  He was well known before Hong 10 as a result from his at that time advanced power moves.  Enough said, both BBoys are legends in the game. 
- 0:34 ????
- Hong 10!
- Hong 10!
- love hong 10 but blond was cleaner
- hong10 has more flavor than flava flav
- hong 10 the legend power tricker
- hong 10
- this is what i call respect...no hate just bboy love XD
- hong 10 moves is way from the human imaginasion...so hong 10 is a legend.....!!!!
- mi hidolo bboy blond
- Who wins?
- The battle of two legends I would say..
- fail
- Who cares. They're both fantastic!
- Wow!!!!! My top two idols that i never thought would meet on the dance floor, in a battle this year... this is AMAZING! If only they were both at there best that day and it went more rounds that would have be a legendary battle!
- no your wrong bboy blond was famous in korea a few years before hong 10 was
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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Tytuł: HONG10 vs BLOND(w) | Round16-3 | World B-Boy Fighterz 2012 @Gangnam.
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