Dyskusja o Excellent Aikido Demonstration Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu - 植芝守央道主 - 合気道 - [HD]

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Agreeing with earlier comments that this is obviously a technique to avoid attacking and only defend against an attacker it is better to see someone actually trying to punch/stab the defender to understand this. Naturally you're not going to learn this from a video but still it would foster more understanding when done like an actual attack. Good stuff though. Thumbs up.
- I feel bad for Aikido practitioners because they have dedicated their lives to a useless form of fighting style. I dont see its effectiveness against anyone not wearing a blindfold or walking like a zombie wearing a blindfold & both arms extended. 
- 4:23 As soon as I saw this, I immediately recognized kenjitsu and iaido's influence on aikido.  Just imagine the attacker holding a sword and you will see it.
- It goes without saying that Aikido is not a combat system. Anyone who has had any sort of exposure to martial arts can deduce that without resorting to insults. It's a traditional martial art which relies on compliance and choreography. The techniques are based on real mechanics but their application is reserved for a controlled environment with practitioners who know what they're doing. It is the complete opposite of MMA, Krav Maga etc... 

It's like comparing a fish to a squirrel. They live in different environments and have nothing to do with one another.
- J'aime! ! ! / isa 
- Excellent! It was so wonderful to see Aikido being practiced in such a fine manner. Thank you
- Aikido is meant solely for defense where most other fighting styles have a offense and defense. Never offense and never to seriously hurt an opponent just to render them so will not attack again. Using their momentum depending on their attack, based on all instinct and not to hurt them shows a lot of self control and discipline. I think all martial arts are great and have their strong points and beauty about them. A good defense is the best offense.
- Is that Waka Sensei at 4:29?
- Excellent Aikido Demonstration Ueshiba Moriteru Doshu - 植芝守央道主 - 合気道 - [HD]: http://youtu.be/0afWMLpO5oE
- Is this aikikai ?
- This isn't martial arts. It's pro wrestling.
- i don't understand the moves where the guys kind of grab him and do like a roundhouse running movement around him? what does that accomplish? i'm not trying to disrespect anyone. i'm interested. someone?
- the part at the end when the guys are just running at him and flipping for no reason is the best
- oh one more thing we will need a very good teacher!
- remember the doshu is always in the dojo. every one of us can become that good if given the chance to practice every day non stop. blessings
- lot's of falling in this aikido.

250 pound guy like myself won't like that much.
- Pretty? yes. Practical? No. Not one of those internet (tough guys), but I grew up in Chicago. It just wouldn't work. Sorry. Now if one of them had a bat and the other a blade, I'd get popcorn and watch the show.
- Aikido is not about hurting anyone, and it's not about competition. This is what makes it so difficult to do, and to understand for most people. It's a Zen practice! It's about awareness and consciousness. It takes very little awareness to fight and brawl - but it takes a lot of awareness not too. Beautiful video~
- Wow. the precision of his movements is incredible. Such a deep internalization of the system to be able to move so quickly and maintain so much control.
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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