Dyskusja o European Karate Championships 2015 - Sunday Finals

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- muito bom
- That's bullshit kyokushin is the true karate 
- Just Dance with the Music , hop hop hop hop, break it down
- Too defensive, nobody risks any attacks because they risk being countered :/
- This is the "very light" version of karate, they're just touching each other not fighting.
- What's with the hopping and bullshit? What happened to stances and proper formation? This isn't a Bruce Lee film!
- Cool. Even the movement of their belts are synchronized.
- ormai questo non è karate, ma ginnastica artistica.

i vedi karateki sono scappati nel k1....
- muy bueno pero el rojo para mi fue el campeon
- WKF_WTKF Vision "Karate in the Olympics" Tokyo 2020...! Rio 2016...more
- what the actual fuck why dont they just fight
- X
- The problem with point scoring Karate
- Nice 
- italia estuvo mejor :c
- Italia y España, estuvieron excelentes se vió dominio de técnica marcial, precisión y foco; buen Karate.
- was war den das von den deutschen Damen :( traurig
- die türkischen damen waren deutlich besser 
- Good Fight
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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