Dyskusja o Documentary on Aikido Kyoto with Okamoto Yoko Shihan, 6th Dan Aikikai

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Chciałbym uczyć się AIKIDO w tej szkole
- Хочу позаниматься в Киото додзё

- This was really great, thanks very much for posting!
- Elle a raison ; l'imperceptible est le plus important en budo ! Et en général d'ailleurs !
- Muy bueno y està subtitulado en castellano !! Gracias por subirlo !!
..Mmnnnn,,,,,,,,,Me dan ganas de retomar la pràctica..........
- She's really good. I'm thinking of visiting Japan again next year. I wonder if she accepts visiting students (currently nikyu).
- thank you veru much. It was fantastic, I felt as I was training there. Thanks again for this oportunity, and greetings from Brazil. Arigatogosaimashita!
- Je suis Français et je m'entraine aussi là bas (on s'est croisé de peu en 2014)
merci pour ce superbe reportage qui reflète tout fait ce qui s'y passe.
un grand merci
- excelente!!! :-)
- Beautiful video. Thank you creating and sharing your Aikido experience in Kyoto!
- very very cool !!!!
- After 24 years inside Aikikai I have the feeling that the lack of "standard" will lead Aikikai to an end or at least to a drastic reduction of popularity.
- Εξοχη,μοναδικη η Κα OKAMOTO 
- Awesome Thanks.
- Really excellent technical aspects of video, audio, and content.  Since you are requesting input for improvement I can only suggest content.  The quality of a dojo and/or teacher is often judged by evaluation of the dojo and teacher.  However, that doesn't always give a good & accurate account.  I believe that more often than not a dojo & sensei should be evaluated by the quality of the students.  As such I would recommend that the content should include student interviews/testimony as well as objective evaluation such as before & after media.  i.e. videos before & after of their technical content, history of their self growth & transformation in life (personal, social, spiritual).  Then again that would require more presentation time.  I hope that can help.
忠 より
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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