Dyskusja o COMBAT! s.2 ep.22: "Counter-Punch" (1964)

- lekarz rodzinny
- Por favor , nao entendo o ingles. Preciso do portugues
- S2E22  -  What a ragtag outift Sgt. Saunders (Vic Morrow) and Caje (Pierre Jalbert) pick up on the way and yet some will prove their mettle.Sgt.Martinez (Steve Gravers) questions Sgt. Saunders wisdom in almost every décsion he makes and at one point takes him to task barking in his face: "Everyone else is a jerk, you're the only one who knows what to do that's right." An open challenge not only to his authority but to character and his égo. How many men would have taken it personally and  gotten into an argument. Does he? No. Why? Sgt. Saunders (as portrayed by Vic Morrow) does not have a big égo to begin with. What he does have is common sense, a very prgamatic Outlook on life, a huge insight into people and deep caring about any men Under his orders. Look at how he takes care of the overweight baker. To answer Sgt. Martinez question: yes, in that context, Sgt. Saunders IS the only one who knows what to do in that instance. And yet, how many times have we heard his men ask him: "What are we gonna do Sarge?" and Sgt. Saunders answer: " I dunno". Sgt. Saunders as mentioned elsewhere is always thinking. Sergeant Saunders is soft spoken (apart from yelling orders from a distance) and his authority stems from his practical intellgence in almost any matter and when he does not know, he says so. Sgt. Saunders knows his business and is almost always business like apart from letting out the odd smile to signify that he knows when to lighten up that he has a humorous side even if his men seldom if ever see it.
  Steve Gravers (born Solomon Gottlieb in 1922) played in such movies as Al Capone, Blood Sabbath and Wizard.
Steve Gravers left us in 1978.
Moorwood - the trainman - Malachi Throne, son of European parents along with a long carrer on télévision (It takes a Thief) and movies "Catch Me if you Can" played until relatively recently. Born in 1928, Malachi left us in 2013.
Merci beaucoup pour le téléchargement.
- that truck is from the koreon war and viet nam
- It's fun to watch 
- 2:13 - 2:19 
These stuntmen were really great.
- Walking out in the open with Germans all over the place is NOT what an intelligent person does in a combat situation
- is this the train from petticoat junction minus the cowcatcher?
- Where's Kojack? 

Good series in it's early days before Vic Morrow directed them.....then it became a character development series instead.
- the german tanks seem so fragile.
- Thank you so much for posting this!
- Umm, they would have shot those prisoners in real life,
- the cook is george savalas.
- Salt tablets are counterproductive.
- 32:15 LOL, actors have no clue how to hold a carbine.
- 5:04 LOL, nice gun safety, Cage.

Combat! rules. Uh, ruled.
- if this was made within the last ten years..
with no real story and two dimensional macho men and a one dimensional script.. you would think that by within fifteen minutes of the start they would have all ripped each others clothes off and fucked each other up the ass.. as it would have to be a gay porn movie...
- bit confusing..
opening shots are of german troops in russia !???
then at 31:31 there is suddenly an american steam train in the middle of the battlefield..????????????????????!!
and all of this was made before people started dropping acid..
- I forgot growing up watching these with my stepfather who I never got along with but this turned out to be about our only bond !
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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