Dyskusja o COMBAT! s.2 ep.11: "Anatomy of a Patrol" (1963)

- ONE OF MY FAVORITE EPISODES...combat was a man's show....but had alot of man to man sentiment(emotional at times in a mans way)...i loved alot of the writing for these shows....
- Whoaaaa   Sonny Corleone.....dressed as a Nazi??...and speaking German?....incredible!!
- While I appreciate the balancing of commanders in this show,  "Anatomy of a patrol" should have shown all the elements of a patrol.  For example, preparation (warning  order, distribution of estimated supplies), movement to objective (done), execution (done), followup (kinda done).
- Schneider's leichnam is his body.  That's why the soldier was questioning the sergeant.
- James Caan is still not sleeping with the fishes.  He's 75.

I'm beginning to remember some of my German, like bleibe (stay) and suche (look).
- I see the original air date was just 4 days after the JFK assassination.
- The German MP 40(Maschinenpistole) of James Caan-Sgt Beckman keeps changing
and looking different each time,watch and see.
- Whats Saunders doin with a cammo cover on his helmet?????
- I want to know how Vic Morrows tommy gun holds 2000 rounds ??
- This is the first épisode where Sgt. Saunders (Vic Morrow) faces his equal counterpart, Sgt. Beckman (James Caan) who at 23 already shows so much promise. Sergeant Beckman is truly his equal in at least ruse and cunning but Sgt. Saunders instinct tells him this and so plays Sgt. Beckman as Sgt. Beckman plays him. A true classic épisode in Combat. In a previous épisode, we saw and heard Leonard Nimoy speak faultless German  as he speaks perfect Yiddish. While not the same by any means they are very close. This is James Caan's first TV appearence. In order to play this German sergeant, James Caan had to call his parents to help him speak German as his parents (Jews from Germany) spoke German. Merci beaucoup pour le téléchargement.
- the boats is kaputs!
- a lot of shooting without reloading
- Now we face corruption on all sides and in all institutions showing this show to be of the city of god vs the city of self centered men. Thanks Augustine for making the distinction.
- James Caan is great in this one!
- I love this show!
- "A TV Show made for Men" ??  I disagree.  The show dealt with many different dramatic issues. A show does not last 5 seasons just blowing stuff up. They actually fought WW II for one more year then the US fought WW II and they fought in Europe the whole time.  Watching this as a kid I thought this had too much talk-talk and not enough bang-bang.
This show had many military advisers for realism (not to mention many actors were vets) and the German unies are said to be accurate down to the piping on the collars.
Saunders helmet is not Marine Pacific issue but is from paratrooper camo.
- Interesting.  Gewehr 43 and Bill Smith.  Bill Smith went on to play some real bad guys.  
- What a relief that these are on UTUBE.  I can relax and watch decent, masculine television without 21st Century PC overtones.
- I like german

- A TV Show made for Men,one of many in the 50's and 60's....No Political Correctness,no Inclusiveness or Diversity,how refreshing...Now ,apart from sports, there's nothing for a Man to watch that isn't loaded with Cultural Marxist and Liberal Propaganda .
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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