Dyskusja o COMBAT! s.2 ep.1: "The Bridge at Chalons" (1963)

- what a bunch of goof offs
- there are a bunch of showofffs in hollywood thats the problem
- wow i can't believe they changed doc
- The dirty dozen in action! .... thx Lee Marvin for appear in this episode...
- Again, excellent timing with the big boom.

Rance Howard had a small part in this. He is the father of Ron and Clint and the grandfather of Bryce.
- You could use a 2--wheeled dolly, but that would be too easy.

Conlon Carter replaces Steve Rogers as Doc in this episode. Very little info on Steve after the 60s, including whether he's still alive. He was born in 1937.
- I want to know what the bad guy from "Cat Ballou" is doing in Combat?
- Blow a small pontoon bridge with a 100 pds of composition C to stop the Germans retreating with vehicles over a temporary bridge that can only take motorcycles? Hahaha 
- What is Saunders doin with a cammo cover on hid helmet??????
- Episode 1  second season, this one is priceless. Mother hen, mother hen. In other words, perhaps micro-management to a certain extent. Maybe. But Sgt. Saunders (as portrayed by Vic Morrow) knows his men, their strengths and weaknesses all the while pushing or pulling them to do the right thing, walking along again that moral narrow line (invisible to some or many)
to achieve whatever goal for a given day. Lee Marvin plays his part perfectly. It is interesting to note that they are both sergeants so no rank is being pulled here.  Only expertise and even there, what do you know, Sgt. Saunders pulls it off.
I have not seen this series for 50 years but sooner or later, there must be an épisode where Sgt. Saunders will have to go aginst higher rank, risking much for that greater good, that "morality" that transcends rank in the larger scheme of things. Remember, this was the war where many said: "I was only following orders". Vic Morrow is rounding out his character to a very real one. Real people that a few have had the privilège to meet. The last scène where Sgt.Saunders réprimands his squad, is quite simply natural to the character Vic Morrow has made. Merci pour le téléchargement!
- Excellent episode. Thanks.
- Great story. Great cast. Best show of all time.
- i use to look forward to this show every week.
- All u dumb &uq$ hoo do't like this? Go away
- Sgt. Saunders has to be the most decorated soldier in the history of human warfare.
- Obviously the show worked on a limited budget and likely blew a big part of it on Lee Marvin who was at the height of his career and a big name in Hollywood. The bridge was little more than a footbridge and surely would not have supported armored vehicles. It seems unlikely that the US Army would have gone to such lengths to destroy a bridge like that. Also, Marvin was as big a name as any that guest starred on the show. Wonder how they decided who was a "special" guest star.
- I like changing the names of episodes.  This is the, "How dare you say such thing" episode.
- Lee marvin med. bra skuespiller.
- Can you upload Season 2 and 3 with Spanish sound or with subtitles?  and share it on a MEGA or other file server Please. Regards.-
Fine thanks for this ;)
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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