Dyskusja o Combat Arms Top 5 Plays - Week 158!

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- sammake22
- donnieownt
- Dianite 
- My IGN is Russian30
- IGN - Slothface
- Ign XxLiHamxX (CaNa)
- My IGN Prokamil2000
- Tried to play this game last night again but it crashed during the menu :(... sucks because I love this game. Can't wait for CA: LOS though.... i'm so ready for playing fireteam with those graphics!
- ide love to be your frend and my name is Snip3r
- That atkairago guy was hacking, you can tell by his no sway. Damn i havent played CA in 3 years, but wow. Miss the 08-11 CA...
- OOMostOO
- IGN: -TrickStar
- Thanks for the bonus clip place.
- I'm probably going to get back into playing this game, hyped for the server merge. Thanks for reminding me that this game is still around!
- thats my acc name for the case
- Zues_Probe
- can someone gift me G36E perm..please!!! IGN:_JUsTdOIt_1
- BG_AmHamtaro
I am a fan of you and Y4Y4 and royko lol i like your channel more like love it!!
- JDASprawler
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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