Dyskusja o BLOND vs KIDO(w) | TOP4-1 | World B-Boy Fighterz 2012 @Gangnam

- blond should be the winner~
- seriously blond lose !!!!!!!!! i probably miss something coz i don't understand this choice
- idk the judges opinion at their own perspective, i do not judging this battle, and i do not at the event, i cant judging from internet get real opinion is opinion and i dont say kido win or lose
- 2nd song ? Please tell me what the name of that song, thanks so much !
- Koreans like no one other know about respect, they always respect guests from other countries, and I think Kido won, because he isn't korean and he came a long way to take part in this battle.
- Blond showed everything to prove that he should have won. He had musicality, power, dynamic, originality, flow, consistency, and variations. Footworks itself cannot be used as an argument to say that he lost. He took it clearly, but people tend to see his flaws. At the same, Kido was not perfect either.
- 1:24 man that just makes me miss physicx and how he used to wreck shit
- Blond needed a bit more of footwork to win : D
- i agree dude. haha people commenting on here are too simple minded kido took it it was obvious
- Kido was good but, I think Blond did better. Dope battle but damn I wish Blond would of taken it.
- Right, and you probably believe that Kido actually deserved this... Get real. Bias is not news in the judging scene.
- 2nd song anyone? Heard it in r16 2012 last 4 one vs gamblerz too... Really wanna know
- That was a good battle..personally, I thought blonde took it...both were hitting dynamic flow, and kido has some smooth style, but I felt blond was just as clean and took it on technique
- wtf!!! blonde break kido!!!
- lol so many dick riders that think he can judging better than SKIM, THE END, and TOMO
- Kido won, simple as that. He was more well rounded, more original and all around dope. Blond is sick as fuck but he didn't win here. For those of you who think musicality is about beat hitting only are probably pretty wack and awkward. Kido is a bboy with immense flow, and rhythm. Dope bboy. Blond is a force though.
- Kido showed way more variety and style along with executing onpoint dynamics. Blonde is dope as hell but the only thing he did was dynamics.
- First set : Blond Second set : Kido
- Close call but then if blond did not repeat airtracks he would of took it cause if you watch the other battles blond already does a lot of them!
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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Tytuł: BLOND vs KIDO(w) | TOP4-1 | World B-Boy Fighterz 2012 @Gangnam.
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