Dyskusja o Blackbelt Kyokushin Karate vs Muay Thai

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- every martial arts has a weakness. depends of how they do a defense and attacking

my tought :)
- Muay thai no.1 \m/
- No glove and punch to the face? Then what happend if karate allow to punch face with no glove? Someone might dead.
- The karate guy is like a tank, he takes body and leg shots like it was nothing, not in the face though.
- And the winner is . . Muay Thai
- WTF MUAYTHAI can't use elbow can't use knee can't use a punch and then fight with taekwondo that not call Muay Thai it call kickboxing fuck ass.
- No need to hate, besides.
There could be a sexy girl on either group.
It's always possible.
Since there are both genders that use both styles.
You want to learn from each other, and use each other's style.
Befriend each other, there could be a sexy girl in the Thai Boxer's group.
And there could also be a sexy girl in the Karate fighter's group.
You can also become a better fighter, if you use both styles.
- The karate guy should hav finished him better footwork combinations faster but muay thai looks better conditioned to take punishment and finished this duel with 1 blow 
- บนเวทีง่ายกว่า กติกาปกติ ใช้ได้ทุกอย่างตามชนชาติ เอาไปเปรียบกันในยิมตัวเอง แล้วห้ามโน้นนี่ อย่าเอา มวยไทย ไปดูถูกเลยคับ แน่จริงมา กติกาลุพีนี กล้าไหม โด่
- why can't they punch at the face?
- I love Muay Thai but fans of the art is really ignorant they think MT is superior and of course as always this Karate hate coming well let me tell you something there is a reason why they don't allow face hits in Kyokushin to reduce injuries and death rate these guys are trained to take hits do you see any slight pain look at that Karate guy he just doesn't react to MT guys kicks he doesn't feel at all but If you look at the devastating kicks and punches combinations of the Karate guy you can clearly see how much force he unleashes people saying dumb shit like let the MT guy clinch allow elbows and knees blabalba don't you know the Karate guy can do the same of course they teach stuff like that ın karate as well .
- DQ? Please explain.
- Kyokshin quba azerbayjan
- The muay thai fighter was playing dirty
- No punches to the head but kicks are aloud gg
- 0:50 what is that move called? Pretty sick.
- muay tai is effective but leaves you open for a lot of punishment
- What a retarded rule! You can kick em in the face but you cant punch!?!? A kick to the face is hard to pull off... its also likely harder than a punch.
- Muay Thai is fucking gay and has no place in a real fight. I've been doing karate for years, and I could beat any Muay Thai bitch to death with my bare hands.
- Więcej ciekawych karnisze Lublin – tu

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