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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Dude has crazy eyes
- good video! i live in tallahassee florida and there seems to be only sport or traditional martial art styles with the exception of combat hapkido and krav maga. which from some research that i have done on combat hapkido leads me to believe that they teach a lot of gun disarms and knife defenses plus take downs, locks, throws, ect.. anyways, i have in the past studied kenpo, shotokan, boxing and for a brief time chan quan kung fu and nisei bujutsu (very aikijutsu). i am wanting to know if anyone has any experience with combat hapkido and could give me any insight on it? i am leaning more towards combat hapkido for two reasons 1 - it looks to have a lot of aikijutsu in the style and 2 - the class time fits into my schedule better than the krav maga time slots.
- Interesting and certainly effective but also requires a great deal of accuracy and technique.
- Seems like some applications, i've seen apply in Bokuyōkan. Does he have any experience in that style or Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu? I've read that Aikido came from Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu .
- His blood circulation and facial features are just as intense as his training
- Aikido is not agressive form of martial arts, it's just a full self defense againts violence and for someone who would try to hurt you. As a aikidokas, i respect all kinds martial arts, i recommend this, try to mix aikido with other martial arts such as, muay thai, karate, kung fu etc. it's more absolutely effective. Any martial arts is deadly and effective, it depends on practioner how he/she perform techniques properly.
- @7:46 Bingo! That sums up everything that is different from a MMA caged fighting vs a 100% no rules real life fight where ANYTHING goes. I have no problem with cage fighters. But just to let you know that what you may see in the cage isn't always guarantee to work in reality. I can see it working more when a fight is more fair ruled out fight. But what about if a person isn't caring about the rules or is a bit more stronger than you physically or if that person has a gun or a knife or got a couple of his buddies with him ready to fuck your shit up? And why would you waste energy and time trying to fist fight your opponent(s) all day when you can just eliminate that person very quick and fast? You'll be all bone tired and out of energy to even do anything else if you have to that is, trying to out fight the person in a dirty slug-fest. Just like Lenny said; "If he can't stand, then he can't fight. And a lot of people miss that because they're too busy with this shit! Impersonating the MMA/UFC style fighting stance. If somebody attacks me on the streets. I'm gonna destroy him systematically depending on how the attack is. I'm not going to waste time on trying to out box him to see if I can get that lucky punch in.". These two guys prove that martial arts that have been looked down a pon such as Wing Chun and Aikido CAN work if used correctly like I've been saying.
- Haha. "to take an act of furtherance" 9:12
I love how Americans use the English language to get the message across.Good stuff.
- I don't know why Aikido has such a bad reputation of "not working". I've known 2 aikdo guys who had been involved in street fights and in both situations it ended with their opponents suffering several broken joints (like both elbow + a knee, stuff like that). I don't think their opponents were martial artists, but still it convinced me of how gruesomely effective aikido can be in a "real fight".
I've seen a comment about "mcdojos" though so maybe in some countries aikido is taught as some sort of yoga/relaxation thing?
- Mostly police use effective aikido techniques such as these, to disarm the attacker (opponent) as quickly as possible. Very good video ^^
- Awesome always interresting stuff you make Sifu Izzo. + Aikido rules
- Love it again doing a real good job.
- Correction, traditional Aikido kata may not be practical for the streets but Aikido principle has superior effectiveness in real life application. 
- Really good concepts enjoyed it very much good stuff. I started shifting through his channel, I was a little put off when I saw what looked to be like they were wearing ninja boots but hey if the technique works whatever lol
- Izzo is the only guy I'd let teach me wing chun, I'm Canadian tho!!! :(
- "If any of you wanna get a hold of this guy".... After watching him almost literally disarm his student. Yeah you'd think twice about reaching an arm out to him!
- Great to see realistic martial arts.Tradition makes no sense.
- This is a great video to show how a style like Aikido can be effective in the street.  Mr. Izzo - have you gotten a chance to work with any legitimate traditional Baguazhang teachers to demonstrate the effectiveness of this style.  Like Taiji, it gets a bad rap, but I do feel it has its place in combat.
- I can't like this enough! Even though you're doing it wrong.
- No worries Sly, it's a really good video and very good martial art. I'm just breaking chops! I understand, I train Buj, people can tend to roll their eyes when you say 'ninja'.
Keep up the good work!
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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