Dyskusja o Aikido vs real-life street attack scenario

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Hanz you are MMA are'nt you? Yeah man market your art. MMA is the best is'nt it?
- Krav Maga is effective, only keyboard warriors would argue. Krav Maga uses many Aikido moves. Get over it.
MMA is a great sport, however you cant kick someone in the balls then rip there throat out!
- The lady at 00:55 actually does make it look real, but other than that, sorry no dice with me. I'm sticking with Shotokan.
- In America we call aikido jumping jacks 
- Is this a comedy? That's hilarious! I really hope you realize if people believe this b.s. and the try and fight a person with a wrist throw, there going to be seriously injured or killed.
- People talk of Aikido useless when it is being used by INTERPOL.
- With a weapon in hand, dare you do that LOL, I don't deny akido has some control in short distance fight
- Some of those kote-gaeshi and ikkajo done by the lady looked pretty solid. Her irimi-nage against the purse snatcher looked a little weak. But her kote gaeshi is solid.
- i am a shaolin fan , but i respect Aikido.
- This shit aint realistic.If you dont knock em out he may come back.You have to stun em at least
- Unless a video is graphically violent, promotes hatred to others, or is generally inciting ill feeling to anyone, why do people feel it is their right to leave negative comments on videos that others have put time and effort into? While it's hilarious to read some of these comments that are obviously written by extremely insecure people, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. Get a life guys!!
- D:  oh shit...    anyone who thinks this will save them will get big suprise:D
- I kept waiting for the "real life" bit to show up...
- Great choreography. But I do not believe, that this technics works against a real agressor.
- truchooo
- Aikido de rue...
- Where were the "real-life" attacks?  All I saw were a bunch of "attackers" cooperating in rehearsed falls.
- everything with Aikido is demonstration it seems
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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