Dyskusja o Aikido student takes down hooligan

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- People come On.. This is a trained martial arts fighter against a non fighter hooligan small fat boy. What a victory 
- he did well, kept his cool in a scary situation and ended up unhurt, victory to the black man i say.
- White guy's defence is cringy as fuck
- fat fuck fucked up fast
- At least all Martial Artist can agree that he remained calm and collected right? I mean look at his face. Yes? Okay great.
- For anyone saying that there is no Aikido in this clip, it's at 1:15.  The OP has conveniently inserted a couple of frames showing the dojo version.  The technique is called Koshinage - hip throw.  It exists in Judo too.  Looking at the black guy's form before the throw, I'd say it was executed by accident.  He looks like he might have some boxing training, but I see no evidence of Aikido elsewhere in this clip.
- This is not Aikido Mr. Hamburger Manwitch.
- Im not an aikido fan... mostly cuz of steven seagal... but that move was awesome. 
- Aikido? There is no aikido here, a true aikido fighter would never strike first. Also no kicks or punches should be thrown. Aikido is all about patients it is a 100% deffence style martial arts it focuses on softness and defensive grappling. 
- What ever be knows he put it to use. Good job. Boxing and aikido good job. Showed him a lesson
- Thats not enough at least give him a black eye.
- Guys like a turtle on his back..
- Wow that guy was all class. He kept getting yelled at, it looked like he didn't want any trouble and finally he took the idiot down and just held him there. He could have kept beating the shit out of him but he didn't. Great guy. 
- Aikido is a fantastic martial art ! bjj is ROTTEN CREAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Ya know, I haven't studied hardly any Aikido and I see the Aikido here. Anyone with some sense knows that things aren't pretty in real fights.
- nice fake
- Any idea what kind of accent that is?
- Aikido was good to a point but now you're on the ground use your knee and weight on his stomach to control the rest of the fight or to just stop it all together. BTW don't press on it just enough to control him.
- Aikido is not a fighting style, it is a style of harmonizing conflict. The real aikido fight was within the black dudes' mind. He didn't apply it there, but he still didn't do too much of a necesary harm to the white idiot who provoked it. It takes years and years of practice to internalize timing and movement (and principles), that's not something to be expected from everyone who trains. As far as I am concerned, he might know aikido techniques or he might not, this scenario is possible in both conditions, I don't get the pointless argument here, especialy from people who feel like they got something to say regarding Ai. Talking about technical parametres of a throw speculating whether it is aikido is a bit ridiculous, to be honest. This guy was showing of to his friends, that is what's not aikido here. The true way is to stay calm, that is to be admired, not throwing people.
- "thats enough thats enough" SHUT UP jesus he is holding him down not beating the shit out of him
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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