Dyskusja o Aikido Steven Seagal - The Path Beyond Thougt

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- I need to learn aikido! I was going take boxing and BJJ, but no more.
- I can respect the spiritual and physical ideology aspect of SS. He's not a fighter he's a student / artist who mastered a style. Two totally different thing. A fighter is a fighter a martial artist is an artist--Just like a turntablist grand master masters their craft or a carpenter master a skill and achieves a certain level or status. Plus you have to respect it when someone. really does help others like he said he tries to. Especially at that level of fame and success, he's still able to maintain a certain level of selflessness. That is martial art in the spiritual sense/essence 
- This is a great video. This training, especially when slightly mixed with something else, actually can put the emotions that would normally be inside of you, on the outside. After that surfaces in a person with the training, it becomes very dangerous. You will not really know this unless you have actually held another persons life in your hands and at that moment, had the ability to give it back to them or take that life away. You have a totally new outlook on life after that. I am very proud of my skills. I am not the best nor do I claim to know it all. To have the mindset with the training, in my opinion , is priceless.  Charles
- Realmente son buenas técnicas admiro a estobem
- 😆👍
- Bekijk deze video op YouTube:
- Chuck Norris nuff siad he puts volcanos out with a sneez hiya !!!,,,
- Very charming. Not a warrior by ANY definition. He can't make warriors either. He has not been even reliable for anyone on a basic manly level. Naze san has become a fibber now too. (inside comment)
- It's look like a soviet propaganda. Call a hollywood star, and make every thing a dream, but PUTIN is a great murder like your fathers, LENIN AND STALIN. Seagall how a aikido teacher is very good, but how a ocidental speaker, he is a great mother fucker. No negociate with terrorista.
- Steven Segal: The Mike Tyson of Aikido.
- He is such a gentile soul....even when telling his female assistants when brushing their teeth that is what they will look like with a mouthful of his jizz. What a phony fuck he would get fucking destroyed by Fedor.
- Steven Seagal is a fat, bloated douche bag whose delusions of grandeur finally overcame him and made him believe in all his nonsense. He looks like a weeble-wobble
- Even in slo-mo he's almost too fast to follow.  Awesome mastery.  Makes it look easy.
- Be slippery,flow like water my friend,Bruce Lee
- HARTFORD  EQUITY   VISION   20 /20     Thank you    Thank you .....
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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