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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- I really like aikido. I hope one day i can get to that point where i want to be.
- 合気道の魅力が紹介されている動画です。  
日本文化のひとつ 日本の武道『合気道』が 
National Geografic 様よりご紹介されています。
ご紹介くださった方 並びに 映像・撮影に携わられたすべての皆様
合気道指導者様 各先輩の皆様 National Geogarafic 様に感謝いたします。
ありがとうございます♪ 「感謝」

- i want to be apart of this team.........one of this day....
- Aikido does technically have attacking techniques, there are a small amount of kicks and punches
- BTW, I issued this challenge last year for another Aikido video, no takers as of yet, the life of being a keyboard martial artist......
- My challenge is a simple one, get your video camera, go to any Aikido dojo, issue your lame challenge to the instructor and record it. Come back and upload to youtube and let's see what works and doesn't. All the name calling and beating your chest is lame, take the challenge or STFU!!!!! 
- Amazing! Here at North Sydney Aikido we practice the Iwama style as passed by Osensei through Saito Sensei.

It is a good way to train, learn the essence of blending and using someone else's power and I it keeps us fit.

- Aikidoist? It's Aikidoka, you moron!!! Also learn how to pronounce Dojo, seriously!!! And LMFAO this woman is such a prick. 
- AIKIDO - National Geographic
- Just listening and no questions? Then how are you suppose to learn, and how fun is training when you have to be super serious all the time. Doing techniques in a specific way just because its that way they have always done it? Then how are you suppose to improve your art and learn to adapt to new situations? Not everything about martial art training is better in Japan! Training in Japan is overrated. You learn the same techniques over here! The difference is, here you can learn and have fun! The practise is more human.
- What bullsh%^.  I've tried hard to look for these Aikido videos of sparring, tournaments or anything that could tell me that this stuff really works.  Now, let me just say, ANY Martial Art training works against the typical dumb drunk redneck at the bar starting trouble with you.  Barring that, anyone with a bit of skill, whether it be wrestling, tae kwon do, karate, judo whathaveyou, will smoke an Aikido practitioner if the situation so called.  All this automatic throwing of your opponent is crap.  Terrible sparring.  Need real situational stuff. 
- Absolutely Awesome!
- おはようございます♪皆様がより素晴らしい一日でありますように!
日本文化のひとつ 日本の武道『合気道』が 
National Geografic 様よりご紹介されています。
ご紹介くださった方 並びに 映像・撮影に携わられたすべての皆様
合気道指導者様 各先輩の皆様 National Geogarafic 様に感謝いたします。
ありがとうございます♪ 「感謝」

皆様がより素晴らしい一日でありますように!(^ ^)

Aikido National Geografic
- What are the other episodes in this series
- Arigato.
- why does the narrator find it difficult to pronounce the word" jo"?
dojo and jo weapon .he says both like a fucking retard.
- Anybody can do aikido
- And I want to join judo and jiu jitsu 
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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