Dyskusja o Aikido Master Steven Seagal Gives Lesson in Moscow

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- can use only in DRUNK ATTACK...if opponent know how to fight, this is bullshit..
- "You can kick em in the throat like that."
- He may be elite but hes an arrogant dick. Did you see the people tap out who were helping him? Yeah, he ignored that. 
- I admire you :) greetings from México
- Osu, O'Sensei!
- LOL...These techniques work great against my 6 year old.  I wouldn't dare try then against a trained adult.
- Go get em' Sensei.
- Steven seagal is not only a great fighter but he has theheart and soul and the spirit which makes him and even greater man and a great light in the world
- The Sambo guys would hurt him in a fight
- Retards don't understand the principles of Aikido. THE PEOPLE GO TO THE GROUND AND GET THROWN AROUND AS A RESULT OF PRESSURE POINTS!
- Ok
- I like to see seagal take on president putin one on one...and Putin will knock him out with a punch
- Really cool video. I like the simple and efficient move he taught them and it was obvious they were enjoying their lesson. Moreover his moves on the black belt are an other confirmation that his skills are legitimate.
- Then I must be Bill Fucking Gate's!
- maybe you should show a little respect to a man who has achieved more than sitting behind a keyboard calling people names,
- Being fat in most cultures is sign of having been successful.
- 1st foreigner to operate an aikido dojo in japan, plus he's a 7th-dan black belt. lHe has helped train Brazilian mixed martial artists Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida. Silva, who is the former UFC Middleweight Champion, went on to knock out Vitor Belfort with a kick, in their fight at UFC 126 in February 2011,[10][11] and Machida also credited him for helping him perfect the crane kick that he used to knock out Randy Couture at UFC 129 in May 2011t in aikido
- go limp and "let me" man handle you............
- The energy chakra is down there. Dian tien or something. Maybe is has something to do with that. Maybe?
- A mógł zabić!
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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