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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- When you turn a fighting style into demonstrations and ignore combat you turn into aikido. Worthless
- aikido
- Can someone explain to me...
- nice
- I just know that attacker must do follow the defender, or he will break his hand :D. In real fight, attacker will absolute break his hand. (bad english, sorry).
- Aikido looks badass and you would probably have your arm broken in a few places if you were SERIOUSLY thrown like that by someone who knows it. If you think aikido sucks then go pick a fight with one and tell me how it ends. One full force slam like that and you could have a broken arm torn rotator cuff broken hip and back all at once. Please respect the art even if you dont understand it
- This looks more like a dance than a fighting style.
- The stuff in the video is about what you'd expect to do to somebody who was competent in their break falls. So not out of the ordinary.
- i don't understand what's happening :L
- Only works on attack.
- Everyone saying that Aikido is just dancing, well it can appear that way. However, there is no better practice to understand the physics of the human body and how to manipulate it. Aikido teaches the most efficient ways to use your opponents hinged parts to achieve the desired outcome. Is it a one stop shop? No it isn't, but it is an invaluable discipline to have in your repertoire. It is inherently defensive and, as such, doesn't attract today's more aggressively inclined fighters. For that reason, it should even more so be an art to have in your arsenal.
- all special forces in the world practice Aikido,why?because it's effective,fast,hard to counter,hard to anticipate,you don't need a lot of space to execute and once you learn the moves it's fluent and becomes part of you.only idiots who believe in mma would claim how Aikido is useless,lol!they ask me why no Aikido fighter enters UFC,lol,I tell them that UFC prohibits such art because it's dangerous,might hurt opponents limbs for good and than what?knew guy from Ghurkas in Nepal,they train with British SAS and moves he showed me?Aikido!knew family friend who worked in Serbian police,later to become inspector,which art he learned and showed me?Aikido!Krav Maga has roots in Aikido,Russian Systema is similar to Aikido,judo also borrows from Aikido.People are just idiots nowdays,claim best fighters are in UFC,LOL!
- lebom
- WTF?!?! Did I really hear the commentator say he survived two head on car crashes because he knows aikido? Seriously?!? Do aikido black-belts also come with a handbook on how to brainwash people? Aikido people seem to be really good at it, however unfortunately for them they would not be very good at defending themselves in a real life situations, no matter how many years they practice the martial art (and I am using that term very loosely) of aikido. 
- dance
- Claiming it's useless as a form of self defence is synonymous with claiming surfing is useless as a method of transportation. (:
- "I love Aikido, Its so beautiful"
"Yes, but how effective in a real fight????"

I think that's a big part of what this entire debate is about. What educated, civilized adult would allow themselves to get in a real fight? If you've trained in a martial art under a responsible Sensei, would you start a fight? Would you even be allowed to be provoked into a fight? If you answer yes to either one, you have no business training in martial arts. 

Once you get past that, then you can objectively compare one marital art to another as a means of self-defense, meaning defense against a mugging attempt or an unprovoked attack of some kind, Aikido is very effective. Most attempted muggings involve grabbing arms, neck or some other part of the body. Against someone who has trained in Aikido, there is nothing that will make you more vulnerable to being completely neutralized in seconds. A frontal grab by an aggressive individual trying to physically provoke you often starts as a push to the chest or a grab to the lapel or both lapels. Again, against an Aikidoka, that is a very good way to be thrown or experience a very painful joint lock and a very quick pin to the floor. 

Aikidoka don't fight, nor for that matter do any mature adults. That is not what Buddho is about. We do not live in feudal Japan or the wild west. This is what we chose as a martial art, many of us in addition to other forms. The idea of getting into a “street fight’ is ludicrous. 
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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