Dyskusja o Aikido in Three Easy Lessons in 11 mins.

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Reminds me much of Aikido in Everyday Life by Terry Dobson. Have you read it?
- I wish all thugs "attacked" people in such slow, cooperative ways!
- Request for guidance to our subscribers.

I was looking at our statistics and this video is always at the top of our metrics.  So I'd like to understand how our subscribers see this video as different than the others.  I now it's the longest video we have but I think there are more contributing factors.
- I love this. Instead of being overwhelmed, take life as it is. :)
- absolutely beautiful, thank you, i have been practise aikod past 20 years and last 7 years i have tried to understand it softer way, and to listen what uke does is one key, ..
but any way, 
Thank you for wonderful demonstration
- This was enlightening and beautiful truth. Thank you, Sensei.
- in yoga they tell a story of the swan. it is said if you pour a quart of water and a quart of cream into a bowl and set the bowl in front of the swan, when the swan is finished drinking there will be a quart of water left.
my wish: your training will make you not only more capable martially, but with a fuller more enriching life for yourself as well as your contribution to the whole of society.
"create a beautiful world!"
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK6TjLtUYDk
- This really resonated with me.  Thank you for uploading!
- So did you meet the founder?
- Learn this lesson...
- great video
- So inspiring! I'd love to learn!!
- Basically be in sync with your self and your surroundings feel every movment as it is nature be creative in how you counter them as if you're in the moment and relax. Once you understand this you will be in touch with the real you the true you.
- +stevewilliams369 There speaks a man with no knowlege, making the classic mistake. As a student of shotokan karate and taekwondo in my younger days, and aikido over the last few years, let me explain it to you. As an honorable martial art,there are no aggressor moves in aikido, it is purely defensive and it is not a striking art. Therefore you cannot spar (cos attackings not allowed). Therefore each interaction has to have an aggressor (the victim in the end) and the defender (who performs the move) in a choreographed way.  The aggressor has to be skilled in rolling etc, or he will get hurt. Trust me, aikido is genuine and much more dangerous than striking arts, and a skilled practicioner could disable you in seconds.
- I know nothing at all about aikido and I'm trying to find out as much as I can before my first lesson next week but this video makes a lot of sense even to me I will definitely remember these lessons 
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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