Dyskusja o Aikido: Christian Tissier Paris Dec 2014

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Does that work with a person who is bigger than you ?
- I think I would enjoy being a uke in Aikido...
- merci boku (danke schön)...
- One of the worlds best technicians and also one of the world's best instructors. I use many of your thoughts, ideas in my teachings.  I love the way that you recently added "taking away face" to "taking away space".  By the way, who are those 6 people that do not like this???
- Very nice explanations from one of the finest practitioners out there. This has application at speed which is missing in demonstrations. Demonstrations are great to show the techniques, but as all Aikidoka know, Uke has to present a choreographed approach so as not to get hurt. I like this art because the better Uke becomes, then the better Shite becomes and vice versa. Broken Uke does not help Shite in their techniques. I have a long ways to go up here in Alaska, but we have a good instructor here in Fairbanks to help us...Lots of patience on his part.
- Beautiful, use the bokken, cut cut cut.
- Aikido: Christian Tissier Paris Dec 2014: http://youtu.be/XSndYcP1Ohw
- Excellent #video from #aikido seminar with Sensei Christian #Tissier. Definitely must-watch!
- More brilliance of Tissier.  Love his Aiki, something to behold.  Reposted on ma blog.  Cheers.
- thank you!
- Great explanation of basic Aiki moves and techniques: ikkyo, shihonage, kokyuho. 
- http://aikidorosheim.com/actu-videos/
- New Seminar video with nice explanations finished
please enjoy
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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Tytuł: Aikido: Christian Tissier Paris Dec 2014.
Oglądalność: 122530.
Czas: 12m 20s w s.
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