Dyskusja o Aikido Basics: Ushiro Waza : Aikido Kubishime Sankyo Defense

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- Classic aikido.

This would never, ever work in any form of free sparring or a fight.
- IT IS NOT WORKING AT ALL!!!! How about i hold my hand with the second hand? how do you defense it? ah?
- If the guy is not holding your hand, bangcock him and he will grap your hand
- What if he is not holding your hands? just choking you really hard. I can't use the sankyo if I can't reach his hand.
- The first thing you should do is drop your chin so that you will not get choke out !!
- Nunca a pessoa que aplica o mata-Leao irá segurar o braço do adversário... Isso é uma ilusão
- this wont work because a choke is done with two hands. total bollocks.
- then u girl is fuckin stupid for puttin u in jail
- 首しみ...
- I have done this choke on people in many "street fights", they turned into much more, but I have started fights off this way. Not that "I started a fight", it was to protect someone else from the attacker that I grabbed in this manor...actually quite effective if they aren't trained like the gentlemen in the video of course :)
- min. 1:49, total thats what she said. hahahaha
- In that situation it depends on who makes the first mistake
- just imagene you are a law enforcer and they grab your hand in order to prevent you from drawing your gun or stunt gun or peeper spray, so that is what you do, or you could do. c ya
- For you idiots that say aikido doesn't work-STOP WATCHING THE VIDEOS!!!
- You can do it in an actual choke. Oftentimes, in a dojo, you'll use a specific kind of choke while learning the technique before changing it up to learn to apply the technique in different situations.
- You got a point!
- That's enough, you can show off in a ninja style.
- You should be able to. Once you understand what its meant for just think strategically. Many moves of all types can be applied in real life. You just have to think how a real fight will go down. it will be vicious. So you stay calm and stick to the basic and ideas once you get them in a position where you feel safe then you can start bringing out the fancy stuff. But if you're going for aikido i highly suggest you learn another style with it. Hopefully a striking one.
- What if the guy clasps the crux of his inner elbow over the choking arm, leading to a rear naked choke? Who chokes with one arm below their waist? You cannot back out from underneath their arm that easily. Again - not applicable. Rear naked chokes can be applied in a half a second. There is no time for this fancy crap.
- unusual for someone to grab you this way on the street ..but one on 100 can happened .
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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