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- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- I've been looking into various videos and looked into two dojos to join. I really want to do it. Once my money is right. But my #1 is the people I'll spare with. I'm very worried that their bad technique could hurt me. And vice versa... The break fall is important it looks like.
- Twice I've had people strain my elbow tendons applying kotegaeshi. I had tennis elbow for a while because of that, but eventually cured it with Dolobid. Steven Seagal seems to use kotagaeshi a lot in his films and its usually against an opponent with a knife. We often practiced it using wooden knives.

I'll say this. If you dont know how to breakfall you can get seriously beat up with this technique.

On the street, it can best be used against someone that is grabbing your wrists, against someone that tries to grab you from behind, against someone who is swinging a baseball bat at your head in a diagonal plane from above, or against someone that is trying to throw a right or left hook at your head. If things go right they will not be getting up to go at you again.

To apply most Aikido in a street or police or a self defense context, things should be already on a reflex level. A reflex response. They're combative and they come past ma-ai, you respond. In any of those contexts ma-ai is the key concept and it should be a very real thing to you to the point that you just feel it the second they reach the ma-ai distance. Has to be like that and you should practice recognizing that in everyday life just as you should practice your breathing in motion and maintaining your center ( hara ). It must be a part of your life.
- month ago at the seminar, I got the injury at this technique - broke my collarbone ( 
- There is no sperarte styles of aikido just aikido
- What style of aikido is this?
- Hi! Aikido works in every situations but it is very very difficult. 
- I really like this man, I wish I could learn from him...
- nobody punches like they are lunging a sword. The end Result works. The only way for Aikido to Advance is to modify the style to work against boxing and kickboxing strikes. Uki starts in a righty stance and takes a step forward to then punches. Nobody fights like that. it's all winged and wild punches with hay makers. that's how street thugs fight. that's how a novice would fight. not like this.
- Are you saying that this technique doesn't work?
- What if my opponent is not moving in slow mo :(
- One thing chess and martial arts share is that people can talk all they want, but what works works, and what does not, does not.
- Can someone help me out here; whenever I thrust out with knife/punch and they step back and do wrist rotation like kotegeashi or they step back, my body doesn't know which way to breakfall as it hurts both sides of the wrist. I almost had my wrist broken had sensei not let go.
whenever someone does kotegaeshi/ throws like kotegaeshi (like when you thrust at them with a knife/punch and they raise your arm up overhead and arc it down e.g up over one shoulder, go over head and past the shoulder and bring it down), it hurt my wrist/makes it go 'crack', even when I fall and breakfall with other arm.
- @Buddy Rich Sorry I don't remember his name, but I seem to remember a karate guy from about two years ago, snap kicking a guy in the face and winning the fight. It was a pretty epic kick, so if any of you follow MMA more closely, help me out with the name, please.
- If you're still asking "Well, what if he does this?" or "Well, what if I do that? sorts of questions, you're still not walking the way.
- Buddy Rich, you're talking about sport, nothing more.  As long as someone is in a ring with rules, you never see the truth. And, you're probably not a martial arts person, just a spectator, huh?
- anyone knows if this watered-down martial art works in real life.

also is aikido a martial art or more a spiritual path.
- a lot of you guys just don't realize, aikido is a purely defensive style. that means all that force you're coming in with, if the defending person moves out of the line you're giving him, he can literally do as he pleases with you.

this is completely the ideal situation with the ideal aikido practitioner. 

step out of your muay that jujitsu bubble and you'll start to see
- w0w tnx masteR
- It seems like kick boxing and jujitsu are the best fighting techniques because every time you'd see a karate guy in the MMA ring, they would get seriously injured and never cause their opponent any harm.
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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