Dyskusja o 7 Year Old Girl Karate Master | Incredible Kankudai Demo

- Opinie i zdania tu macie
- they just picked a girl off the streets that wanna to this threw her a black belt put her on crack and this is what happend
- Holding up the illuminati sign oh shit
- 잘한다~
- Just wow... 
- Her teachers must be so dedicated. Most kids that age i've taught cannot even control their limbs ha
- That was cool
- I wouldn't want to mess with her
- Teenagers? Fucking toddlers scare the living shit outta me
- Wykonanie SUPER !!!
- That was intense.
- ridiculous
- Lee Sin cosplay 10/10
- Why don't you jealouse assholes quit knocking this little girls performance. You and no one you know could do these moves when you were ten yrs old. What you don't know is that these moves are for demonstration of knowledge only. In a real fight these moves would increase in speed by at least 20 to 30 times. Wait till she's just 12 yrs old and say some of your negative BS to her face instead of behind a computer and see how fast you get your ass beat.
- Very nice and good I have place for her
- i can't believe it!
- That was incredible... I am left speechless...
- 👽🙀😈😱👍👍😈😱👽🙀
- What did she say at 0:06
- like most karate and shit she probobly isnt gona know what to do on ground fighting
- maybe she is the reincarnation of mas oyama
- Więcej ciekawych nie ma już?

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